Land of the Pharaohs A resting place for the gods

1. Imitate: to seek to follow the example, take as one’s model or pattern

 2. Spire: the top part of a pointed tapering object pr structure as a mountain peak.

 3. Hidden: concealed, out of sight .

 4. Inside: indoors, internal.

5. Fortune: a large quantity of Money or possessions; wealth riches.

6. Entrance: a place for entering; indoor, gate etc.

7. Seal: secured, closed, held together

 8. Internal: inner

9. Stunning: remarkably attractive, excellent.

10. Presence: the fact or condition of being present

11. Army: a large, organized body of soldiers for waging war.

12. Battle: fight or struggle

13. Judge: an elected or appointed offical with authority to hear and decide cases in a court of law

14. Criminal: a person guilty of a crime

15. Sculptor: one whose occupation is to carve statues, or works of sculpture.

16. Engineer: a person who makes engines

17. Labourer: an unskilled or semiskilled worker.

18. Horizon: the line where the sky seems to meet the earth

19. District: part of a country, city etc.

20. Architect: a person whose profession is designing and drawing up plans for buildings. Bridges etc.

 21. Designer:a person who makes original sketches, patterns

22. Imperssion: an effect produced, as on the mind or senses by some force or influence.

23. Inspire: influnce, to affect with a specified feeling or thought

24. Superhuman: grater than that of a normal human being

25. Purpose: aim intention

26. Common: general, familiar

27. Fascinate: to hold the attention of by being very interesting

28. Massive: large or impressive; huge

29. Stone:a piece of rock of relatively small size

30. Monument: a structure surviving from a former period

31. Rest: peace, ease and refreshment as produced by sleep

32. Tomb: a burial monument/ grave for the dead

33. Pharaoh: king

34. Smooth: having an even or level surface, no roughness

35. Stairway: a means of acces, as form one level of a building to another, consisting of a series of stairs

36. Proverb: a short, traditional saying that expresses some obvious truth or familiar experiance

37. Slop: to spill, slide

38. Side:any of the lines or surfaces that bound or limit something

39. Ancient: very old

40. Wonder: a remarkable view

41. Solid: firm strong

42. Limestone: a sendimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium carbonate…

43. Distance: a remote point

44. Sight: a remarkable or spectacular view

definitions are from yourdictionary.com

World Theatre Day

And here comes your new challenge for the wiki project, Celebr8U&MeDigitally:

There are several activities that you can choose from. Choose one or as many as you want.

a) Go into the origins of theater and present it using timeline tools such as Capzles or Preceden.

b) Research different genres such as tragedy, comedy, vaudeville or another one of your choice and share your findings through Glogster.

c) If you have watched a play, pretend you are a critic and write the review of the play. You might use Bitstrips or GoAnimate to present it.

d) A role play: One of you is the actor/actress of a play and the other is the reporter. Write the interview then act it out. Record your interview using Vocaroo.

e) Take part of thet Shake Film Fest. And even if you miss the deadline post your film and share it with us.


GoAnimate.com: Theater Day by alexgfrancisco

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It’s free and fun!

A small presentation

March 8 is the international women’s day: Our next small talk topic for our classes will be the most important women in history.

a) talk about 5 extra ordinary women who played a great role in history and tell why you have chosen them.

b) Choose the most influential woman of all times and introduce her to the class.

 c) Prepare a talk on why international women’s day is celebrated. You can prepared them as group or pair work.

Bring some pictures and your notes because we are going to prepare our posters in the class on March 5.